Kansas Diabetes Action Council

Operating Guidelines

Mission: To provide statewide leadership to prevent and control diabetes and reduce its impact on Kansans.

Vision: Ensuring Kansans live free of diabetes and its complications.

• Develop, implement and evaluate the Kansas Diabetes Plan,
• Increase public and provider awareness of the prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes,
• Increase early diagnosis of diabetes,
• Develop state capacity for effectively addressing the primary prevention of diabetes,
• Advocate for legislation, policies and programs to improve access to care and to improve the treatment and outcomes for Kansans with diabetes,
• Recognize public and private partners to coordinate activities that promote quality of care for Kansans with diabetes,
• Foster inter-organizational collaboration and networking for identification, utilization, and expansion of resources for diabetes services,
• Serve in an advisory capacity to the KDHE Kansas Diabetes Prevention and Control Program.

Organizational Structure

Membership: The Membership is open to organizations or individuals with an interest or expertise in diabetes prevention and control.

Membership Roles and Responsibilities:
• Attend two face-to-face meetings per year,
• Join at least one committee and actively participate and contribute to implementing the Kansas Diabetes Plan,
• Attend KDAC Committee conference calls,
• Communicate KDAC activities to member organizations,
• Collaborate with member organizations to implement strategies that address one or more KDAC priorities,
• Review and provide feedback on all KDAC work products,
• Respond to email communications,

If a KDAC member has been inactive for 1 year and has not provided an explanation, they will be removed from the membership roster.


There will be three officers of the Council: Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair. To be eligible for the office of Chair-Elect or Chair, the member must be in good standing with KDAC and be an active member of KDAC.

Election Process - In 2011, the initial process for establishing officers will be done on a voluntary basis for the Chair and Vice Chair. (The Vice Chair position will subsequently be titled “Chair-Elect.”)The volunteer Chair and Vice Chair will be installed during the semi-annual KDAC face-to-face meeting in July 2011. In subsequent years, there will be an election in May, with officer installment at the semi-annual KDAC face-to-face meeting in July. The first election will be held in May 2012 with the new Chair-Elect installed in July 2012. At that time, the 2011 volunteer Chair will become Immediate Past Chair and the 2011 volunteer Vice-Chair will become Chair to serve July 2012-July 2013.

Term of Office – The Chair-Elect, Chair and Immediate Past Chair will serve one year each beginning on the date of the semi-annual KDAC face-to-face meeting in July. The Chair-Elect will succeed to the Chair position and the Chair will succeed to the Immediate Past Chair position.

Chair Responsibilities:
• Provide leadership and direction for KDAC and help set priorities,
• Work to identify and solicit potential funding resources,
• Serve as a mentor to the Chair-Elect,
• Ensure preparation of the Committees’ annual workplans that reflect the goals of the Kansas Diabetes Plan,
• Review progress on the Committees’ workplans,
• Facilitate cross-committee collaboration,
• Appoint chairpersons for Committees as needed in the case of a vacancy,
• Preside over KDAC face-to-face membership meetings,
• Preside over KDAC Steering Committee face-to-face meetings and conference calls,
• Collaborate with KDHE consultants to develop agendas, meeting materials and other logistics for KDAC meetings,
• Recruit new partners.

Chair-Elect Responsibilities:
• Serve in the absence of the Chair,
• Succeed to the Office of Chair after serving a one year term as Chair-Elect, or immediately, in the event of the Chair’s resignation,
• Annually reaffirm Committee Chair commitments to serve for another year,
• Perform other duties requested by the Chair,
• Serve on at least one Committee.

Immediate Past Chair Responsibilities:
• In the absence of the Chair and Chair-Elect, serve as Acting Chairperson during the semi-annual KDAC face-to-face meetings, Steering Committee meetings/conference calls,
• Recruit candidates for the Chair-Elect position,
• Serve as consultant to the Chair and Chair-Elect,
• Perform other duties requested by the Chair.

Steering Committee: 

The Steering Committee acts on behalf of KDAC and makes operational decisions as appropriate to guide KDAC to accomplish its mission. This Committee is comprised of the Chair-Elect, Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Committee Chairs, Past Committee Chairs and other member representatives.

Term of Office – Members serve for a minimum term of three years but may serve for longer periods. If a Steering Committee member has been inactive for 1 year and has not provided an explanation, they will be removed from the membership roster.

Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities:
• Set KDAC priorities in consultation with the KDAC Chair,
• Determine areas of emphasis for KDAC Committees,
• Monitor progress to ensure timely action on priority issues,
• Meet quarterly either face-to-face or by teleconference,
• Monitor election process,
• Provide guidance to the Kansas Diabetes Prevention and Control Program on strategy development, program direction, and support in the implementation and evaluation of its’ annual workplan and other specific interventions.


KDAC has identified four priority areas; 1) primary prevention, 2) quality of care, 3) patient self-management and 4) policy/advocacy. (These priority areas are reflected in the Kansas Diabetes Plan.) The KDAC organized committees around each of the priority areas.

Primary Prevention: This Committee addresses issues including education for nutrition and physical activity, pre-diabetes awareness, reimbursement for obesity management, lack of endocrinologists in the state, the need for education for primary care physicians, and the role of mid-level practitioners.
Quality of Care: This Committee focuses on standards of care, access to services, and other relevant issues related to quality of care.
Patient Self-Management: This Committee focuses on barriers to patient self-management including awareness, culture, language, and cost issues.
Policy/Advocacy: This Committee focuses on assessing current policy issues including reimbursement barriers and advocacy strategies for securing additional funding.

If a Committee member has been inactive for 1 year and has not provided an explanation, they will be removed from the membership roster.
Committee Chairs – Chairs serve for 2 years but may serve for longer periods. Potential Committee Chairs can be recruited by the Committee.

Committee Chair Roles and Responsibilities:
• Convene and facilitate Committee meetings/conference calls,
• Develop meeting agendas,
• Prepare draft meeting minutes,
• Develop annual workplans,
• Provide progress reports to the KDAC membership at the semi-annual KDAC meetings,
• Provide recommendations for Chair replacement at the end of the 2 year term,
• Serve on the Steering Committee.

Committee Meetings
Committees meet monthly by teleconference and face-to-face when necessary. The time and day of the meetings are determined by the Committee.

Staff Support

Consultants from the KDHE Kansas Diabetes Prevention and Control Program will provide administrative support for all KDAC activities.

KDAC Communication Guidelines

• Respond to email correspondence in a timely manner,
• If you are unable to attend a conference or meeting, notify the Chair and/or KDHE Consultants.

KDAC Website
• Information pertaining to the website is outlined in the KDAC Website Management Guidelines document.

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KDAC Operating Guidelines